A Place to Connect and Exchange Ideas


We offer Salons as part of our work to connect women involved in politics. By providing a space to exchange ideas and lessons learned in women’s advocacy and leadership, participants make lasting connections that transcend borders and cultures.

Discussion Salon with Gülseren Onanç

We held our first Salon with Gülseren Onanç. In addition to being a technology-based marketing entrepreneur, Gülseren was a founder of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Turkey who has been fighting to remove barriers to women's participation in the labor force and for equal opportunity for women in Turkey. Despite laws to improve gender equality mechanisms, women across Turkey face continued challenges in accessing leadership roles and participating in politics.

We were thrilled to be able to chat with Gülseren and join a global conversation about the best practices for supporting women in leadership. Meetings like these help us continue to learn more about the challenges and successes women are seeing in other countries.

Learn more about the amazing work Gülseren is doing and check out our event calendar to join the discussion at the next salon!