Global GAIN is a nonprofit charitable organization (501 c3) working to build a global network of democracy champions, changemakers, leaders in public service, politics, peace and human rights, issue advocacy, the arts, and social entrepreneurship. We aspire to build a leadership network of leaders dedicated to seeing more women in leadership positions globally and to promote women-led organizations that focus on education and leadership.

We seek to build meaningful connections across cultures with a special emphasis on lifting up women and young political, civic, and entrepreneurial leaders in the U.S. and globally in developing democracies.

Global GAIN believes that the solutions to the most significant problems in the world will be found when women achieve parity in leadership positions at every level of public and civic life. Inspired by the power of women’s leadership, we are committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We believe the 5th goal - Gender Equality is the secret to achieving each of the other goals. Global GAIN will develop and support programs that promote women leaders in public life and build meaningful connections to one another through these programs.

Our vision is aspirational while our specific program goals are impactful, practical activities that tangibly improve and work towards gender parity in public life. Our theory of change is when women receive support, through network building, coaching and training, they get the skills and confidence to engage in meaningful leadership roles in their communities. Those roles may include running for public office, advocacy, the arts, community development, and other social entrepreneurship. When more women serve in leadership roles in public life there is less corruption, better governance, and overarching issues such as peace, education, and healthcare receive more attention and priority. Our primary programs focus on the U.S., East and, South Africa, and now in Ukraine.