“The gender gap is a global issue. Our training elicits a mindset shift for women, providing both access to jobs but also leadership training, so women are empowered to speak up and take action. 60% of our trainees go on to take leadership roles, either in the household, academics, work or government.” – Claire Uwineza 

While many of the women on this exchange have been active in training others in various arenas of politics and fundraising, we were all blown away by Resonate’s innovative and personal approach to training women to be leaders in their communities – whether they want to be leaders in their home, community, professional or political life. They are well on their way to training 8,000 women by the end of the year and have a goal of training 20,000 by the end of 2020. The ladies of Resonate were kind enough to squeeze a demonstration of their training into a shortened time period for us, and we were all completely disarmed and inspired by the result. We all hope we’ll have the opportunity to learn more from them soon!

“Resonate’s workshops ensure that women and girls don’t just have access to skills and resources, but they also have the self-confidence to turn opportunity into action.” – Resonate

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