I am so grateful to all of our Board Members, Advisory Board Members, and supporters who have come together to lend their talents, minds, and hearts to launch Global GAIN!

Special thanks to:

Michelle McGrorty, who helped us organize our inaugural International Exchange in Kigali, Rwanda. It was an amazing experience, bringing together 10 members of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board to meet a few of the individuals and organizations that are working to lift up women in their communities. This exchange could not have happened without Michelle's hard work and dedication to the success of Global GAIN.

Seth Tanner who acts as my life COO/CFO, ensuring that every new vision is realized and executed beautifully.

Sheila O'Connell, who worked tirelessly to ensure our message of equity and empowerment is ready to spread far and wide, and Josie Schreier, for putting together our ever-expanding resource center, allowing us all to broaden our knowledge of the many resources available to support women.

Darikka Scollard and our friends at Digital Turf for their insight and expertise in helping to craft and launch our brand new website!

And a huge Thank You to all of the women around the world who are leading the charge to improve the lives of those in their communities and ensure that women are represented in every level of community and government.

- Amy Pritchard, Founder of Global GAINĀ