Rosette Graduation story at Davis College Akilah

Be bold, be courageous, be your best’’

Thank you to every one of my friends, family, and teachers who have helped me get to where I am now. It is a privilege to be here with you on such a special occasion.

I want to start out by saying thank you to all my friends, family, and most of all, my Savior who is Jesus Christ for helping me every step of the way.

It has been an amazing journey and one my fellow Class of 2020 members will most likely never forget.

Two years ago, the Class of 2020 was just walking through the doors of Davis college Akilah campus and we have had many memories over the course of our University journey. We all had the same objective in mind: to leave our impression on the school we attended as well as the world once we graduated. We all have different career choices but we’re all bound by the same common cause and that is to GRADUATE!

We are your Class of 2020 not just because we bolt our way past every year but because we put in the hard work and the effort to get to where we are today and we could not have done that without the friends, family and teachers constantly encouraging us to keep up the good work.

I remember that one time my instructor told me that, It’s not all about if you look good, or fit in at your school, it’s about the legacy that you will leave once you graduate.

I pray that the Class of 2020 will walk out of here today feeling proud of all they have accomplished over these last two years. And always remember, it’s not about the friends that you make while you’re in school, it’s the memories that you leave behind that really count.

Personally, It was very hard for me to accomplish this journey during this Covid -19 pandemic because when it reached in Rwanda, we were in second term of last year and I was supposed to go to my parent home in rural area where there is no heavy internet access and I didn’t have device to use. occasionally, I talked to my high school teacher who was living around there that situation I was in and then he tried to find out the machine for me. In that time, I tried my best by finding where I can get the network either on the mountain or any forest near by our home and work hard in order to complete my course. Fortunately, I managed to get mastery in my all courses I was taking and I thank God for the amazing teacher who brought machine for me during that hard situation because I couldn’t finish my course without his support and now I am graduating.

I started my graduation at the eve Friday where I went at school to bring the gown and start taking pictures and videos with my colleagues and friends. The following day it was my graduation day where I attended it virtually from the link I shared above and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to celebrate it with my family because they were in lockdown that was the reason why I didn’t celebrate with them but I celebrated with my friends who invited me to go there and join them while they were celebrating our achievement with their family. I really enjoyed that moment because it Has been long time waiting for it. That was my Journey. Thank you!!!!

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